Social Media Marketing Assessment

Class Assessment
This is your assessment of how your efforts to engage using social media worked for you. What new discovery did you make about yourself and your business through this class?

While my social media efforts for this class did not create a notable level of response as far as internet marketing would be concerned, it did provide a valuable overview of Social Media Platforms and how to use them. It also provided excellent insight into creating online community, interaction and response and reinforced focusing on how your online efforts can help others. Continue reading Social Media Marketing Assessment

The Future of Social Media Apps… What I Would Recommend to a Client

Future of Social Media Apps

write about the future of social media apps and what you would recommend to a possible client.

The future of Social Media Apps appears to be strong and growing. Although current trends appear to confirm that a relatively small number of Apps will continue to dominate the App marketplace, there also appears to be a place for “long tail” smaller market sector Apps to fill a purpose within the App market.

The App marketplace is ever-changing and developing to fill the needs and wants of a dynamic and fluctuating population of App users. Continue reading The Future of Social Media Apps… What I Would Recommend to a Client

Top Five Social Media Apps to Boost Your Networking

Social Media Apps

Review 5 different Apps that use social media / networking.
These can be Apps for the computer, tablet, and / or smart phone.

There’s no shortage of social media apps available today. If you’re a savvy business person or internet entrepreneur, you’ll want to be sure to check out which Apps can boost your business’s ability to connect and create community. Check out our choices for the top five social media apps below… Continue reading Top Five Social Media Apps to Boost Your Networking

Virtual Events and Press Releases

Virtual Events and Press Releases
What kind of events interest you and your community of interest?

I’m excited to discover and create virtual events that my potential SocailBabelFish community would find interesting and helpful. I believe the types of events my potential community might find compelling include live YouTube seminars, as well as Virtual Field Trips, Virtual Discussions and online Fairs or Expos. Continue reading Virtual Events and Press Releases

Social Media Class

social media class

How did your perception of social media’s benefit change in this class?

Before taking this class my perception of the benefits of social media was very positive. I knew that social media was a phenomenal and powerful way to interact with others and to create community for either personal, business, or social reasons. Continue reading Social Media Class

Use The Force… of Storytelling

Research the importance of Storytelling in Social Media. Plan to include at least 3 online news sources with links. Write a 300+ word essay about storytelling’s impact and the effective marketing through it. Include one of your company’s stories as an example.

The story begins “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”, What follows is an amazing journey of adventure and imagination. The viewers mind experiences the journey and feels the emotions of their experience through the story, and magically the story becomes a real and integral part of the viewers life… Continue reading Use The Force… of Storytelling

Finding Community


Explain what communities you engage with. List your cohorts and partners in business with you.
This has actually become an impediment for my project. For this project I didn’t want to use my personal websites. I also didn’t want to create an imaginary business, so I decided that I would use my social media marketing journey as a blog topic. I believed it would be an interesting concept to follow the journey of a newbie as they explore the galaxy of social media marketing and try to make sense of it. Continue reading Finding Community

Create a Visual Call To Action

I Follow SocialBabelFish

Post 4 images or videos that define your call to action visually

This weeks assignment was to post four Call To Action (CTA) for our wordpress website. I was hoping that my CTA’s would create curiosity about my website and cause viewers to want to go there to investigate further. Continue reading Create a Visual Call To Action

Building Brand Advocates

Building Brand Advocates

If you follow Social Babel Fish, you may recall a previous article that referred to the practice of being a brand advocate. What’s the big deal about brand advocates you ask? Well, plenty if you’re a blogger, website manager or anyone on the internet who wants a following. Continue reading Building Brand Advocates